Rail Back Sofa - WFS 488

Rail Back Sofa - WFS 488


The Rail Back Sofa is part of the Rail Back Collection, originally designed by Mel Smilow in 1950 and officially reintroduced in 2013. This collection’s sculpted wooden frames gracefully envelop you, providing for a comfortable and relaxing sit. The simple beauty, fine craftsmanship, and exceptional detail is present from every angle. Made in America since 1949 and made to last a lifetime, Smilow® Furniture defines: Enduring Modern Classics.

Dimensions: 94.5″w / 33″d / 25.0″h/ 28" seat d / 15.0″ seat ht with cushion at front

Material: Natural Material, Upholstery / Fabric, Solid Walnut or Custom

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