Dwell, Once Again - Reports on Smilow Furniture


mel_smilow_portrait_600Dwell – which now has expanded beyond its print magazine -- last week featured an extensive article about the history and re-introduction of Smilow Furniture, An Icon's Legacy is Revived by a Father-Daughter Bond. Paige Alexus goes in depth about the steps it has taken to reissue the mid-century modern furniture line. We are thrilled by the extensive interview she conducted, the current and archival photographs, and the detailed account of how we were able to bring Mel Smilow’s original furniture designs back into production.

"...Because of one woman’s inspiring dedication to reviving her late father’s work, you can now own an exquisite masterpiece formed from original midcentury designs and produced with similar techniques in the same area where it all started. We feel that a story like this insists on being told by someone who’s been closely ingrained in its history, so we asked Judy Smilow herself to help us bring it to life." ...

Dwell has been vital in reporting on the revival of Smilow Furniture. Just after the initial ten-piece collection was reintroduced in May 2013, Dwell’s Nancy Frick Battaglia wrote Mid-Century Modern Designer Focus: Mel Smilow -- American Individualist  - "An unsung mid-century designer is poised for a triumphant revival.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled by their admiration and support. And as an added bonus Dwell Store is now featuring the Smilow Furniture Rush Collection.