Modernism Week in Palm Springs


A few weeks ago Modernism Week in Palm Springs came to a close. A celebration of all things mid-century, with a highlight on architecture, design, sustainable modern living, and preservation. In our second-ever cool-community spotlight, we’re focusing on Palm Springs. When we think of this city in southern Cali, we think of palm trees, pools, cacti, and colorful homes—but there’s so much more. Palm Springs happens to have the largest concentration of mid-century modern architecture in the US.

The vast and dramatic environment that engulfs Palm Springs inspired the specific Desert Modernism aesthetic that the city is know for—glass, clean lines, inventive materials, modern construction techniques, and an elegant inclusion of outdoor space.

Historically, a slew of talented architects were drawn to the desert and created some of the most notable buildings in the city. The most recent attraction? Last month the iconic Aluminaire House—built in all metal and constructed in ten days—was transported to Palm Springs to be permanently set up for view in a public park. Watch this short video produced by Iva Kravitz and narrated by Paul Goldberger on the history and story of this 1931 unique modernist home and its recent cross country trip to Palm Springs.

Take a look at some of our favorites Palm Springs views and houses below.