Smilow® Furniture American Made Since 1949


Listening to NPR’s special series “American Made: The New Manufacturing Landscape” reminded us how integral the label “Made In America” has been throughout the production history of Smilow® Furniture. Smilow® Furniture, a reintroduction of mid century furniture originally designed by Mel Smilow, has been made in America since 1949. In 2012 while planning the reintroduction of the furniture, the first priority was finding a suitable factory to produce the designs. We knew we needed to find a factory and craftsman that had the skill to craft the designs beautifully and we also knew we needed it to be close enough to New York City where we are based to be able to oversee the production. We began looking in the furniture rich Lancaster County area just under 3 hours away and coincidently the very same area that the furniture originally was produced. (* This area surrounding the furniture powerhouse Knolll lost a lot of ground in the 80’s but more recently has had a resurgence) though we were lucky to find a small family-owned American factory in Pennsylvania that fit the bill perfectly.


We are proud to continue in the tradition and long history of fine furniture making in America. All our furniture is made from solid American hardwoods and each piece is precision cut and shaped, and carefully fit together by skilled craftsmen. The furniture is then sanded by hand and finished to perfection. This is a process that demands careful attention and  excellent skills.

Making furniture in this time tested way with the same attention to quality and detail is why more than 50 years since the origins of Smilow® Furniture we continue to hear from satisfied and happy customers and can confidently call our authentic designs -  Enduring, Modern, Classics – Smilow®, furniture made to last a lifetime.

Photo by Nicole Horton